Wednesday, July 09, 2014

June bugs & such.......

The bridge crossing on the Lower Ausable Lake
Rock cliffs on Saddleback Mountain
June was an unusually busy month that saw us in the high peaks region 3 times, and the off weeks spent in the Southern Adirondacks. We covered much ground, mainly because of the favorable weather conditions and the unexpected lack of rain and bugs. The official bug of the Adirondacks the black fly, were around at times as well as deer flies, but no where near other years when you tried to wave off black clouds of the little biting devils.

Resting on Saddleback Mtn
Anyway, no doubt that Nolan and I find that our "hearts are in the clouds" and especially look forward to our visits and time in the Adirondacks of New York State. I really find the high peaks breath taking and most enjoyable, although it seems at times to be a lot more people than the more pristine and sedate back woods areas of the Southern Adirondack region. I am finding that I really prefer the winter climbs in the peaks when there are fewer climbers, and more peace and solice amongst clouds and the mountain summits.

atop Haystack Mtn
Enjoy some of my favorite photos from our June climbs of Adirondack high peaks Dix, South Dix, East Dix, Macomb, Basin, Saddleback, Haystack, Colvin & Blake as well as our bushwack of Big Marsh Mountain and a hike to Hamilton Lean to from Piseco.

Staircase coming off Saddleback Mtn

View of Indian Head

View from Indian Head Ausable Lake

trail to Indian Head

View from Colvin  Mt

View from Blake Mt

Nolan on Indian Head

me atop Indian Head

back up Colvin Mt after Blake

Bushwacking up Big Marsh Mtn

the classic Dix Mtn profile

view of Dix from the Beckhorn

Dix Mtn

Dix Mtn

East Dix

Macomb Mtn
the early bird catches the worm. One of the benefits to getting an early start to climb the peaks is we get to enjoy magnificent sunrises (and sunsets) over beautiful Adirondack areas we might normally ever see. Here on our way to climb a few weeks ago we stopped to enjoy coffee and a sunrise over Loon Lake, a pair of woodies and their home in the foreground?

A view of Irondequoit Mtn from Big Marsh Mtn

atop Big Marsh Mtn (we think) was so heavily wooded and thick we weren't 100% sure....are you ever?

a beautiful parting shot from Dix Mtn

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

May a month of awakenings and rapid transitions

Hobble bush on Hunter Mt

Early in May the DEC discouraged hikers from climbing above 3,000 feet in the Adirondacks. So, we decided it might be a good time to head south to the Catskills where the climate was a little milder and drier. Our first Catskill Mountain we selected was Hunter Mountain.
Bridge Crossing about 1/2 mi from trail-head
Clintonia on Hunter mt
Trillium on Hunter Mt

Not much greenery but did see some early spring moss and flowers such as trillium and clintonia

views were good because the foliage had not come in yet

the ranger tower atop Hunter. The only view at the summit is from this platform

Thursday, May 29, 2014

April is "Mud Season" in Upstate & Adirondacks of NY

A little busy this time of the year, but thought  I would belatedly post and share some April adventures we opted to take because the Adirondack High Peaks were a snowy slushy mess in April. Also it seemed that not much was going on in the Mohawk Valley as April was a bit on the cold side.

Our first diversion took us to Prospect Falls. Located just outside of the village of Prospect. I opted to just slip down along the bridge and move along the river. The snow was all gone but there was still some neat ice flows along the amazing rock formations. The falls itself is very difficult to navigate to, having been there last autumn, I opted to stay close to the bridge area. (I included a photo I took last year so you can see what the falls area looks like)  A word of warning if you try this little hike, as the descent into the gorge can be tricky with much loose rock and poor footing, also  much of the adjoining property is posted. 

Prospect Falls, NY (a photo I took last autumn-looked a little dry)

Our next stop was off Rt8 in Wells to try and get a closer look at the Auger Falls. We parked on a side road at an entrance to a snow mobile trail.
looks like the "welcome mat" is out

the swollen Sacandaga

beautiful stone fireplace

An old log cabin and pretty forests with much moss and ferns were the highlights this day.

Only one other person we saw this day and that was a photographer taking pictures of the spring forest. We hiked a few miles along this trail until we reached the Sacandaga as it hooked back around again near the Auger Falls.
This is where we decided there would be no crossing this river at this point today, and that we would save the falls for another day.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tabletop & Phelps Mountain Peaks #21 & 22 March 15, 2014

Friendly face welcoming us near Marcy Dam

Marcy Dam

Breaking out the trail on Phelps Mt

near summit of Phelps
Summit of Phelps

By the time we summitted Table Top, the winds and snow were swirling around pretty good in the clouds that had settled in around the high peaks this day

Sign & smiles tell it all, although got chilled very quickly
with high winds and colder temps on summit.
view from Marcy Dam on way back through, you can see the clouds swirling around and limited visibility above 2500 feet or so
In between Marcy Damand the LOJ